“Research on Gender and Space in China”

Fri, Jul 10, 2015, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Princeton China Center

“Research on Gender and Space in China” – A Talk with Professor Erin Huang

Erin Y. Huang: Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies and Comparative Literature at Princeton University. She is a scholar of contemporary film, gender and cultural studies, with an emphasis on transnational and global connections between China and the world. She is currently working on her book manuscript Capital's Abjects: Chinese Cinemas, Urban Horror, and the Limits of Visibility, where she examines the relationship between the expansion of global capitalism and urban horror as a transnational cultural phenomenon in post-1980s Chinese film aesthetics. She will briefly introduce one chapter from the book, based on Beijing-based filmmaker Li Shaohong's films from the 2000s, including Baober in Love (2004), Stolen Life (2005), and The Door (2007). The chapter is titled "Intimate Dystopias: Dreams of the Interior and Architectural Feminism in Li Shaohong's Urban Cinema." During the brief introduction, Professor Huang will share her research on ways of thinking about the cultural politics of interior design, and the relationship between gender and space in postsocialist urban China.

Princeton China Center cohosted a send-off for the undergraduate Class of 2019 with the Princeton Alumni Association of Beijing, featuring Professor Erin Huang from Department of East Asian Studies. She gave a talk on her research at the intersection of art, literature, gender studies, and film. About forty people were in attendance including alumni, current undergraduate students studying or interning in Beijing over the summer, scholars from other university and friends of Princeton. Professor Huang touched upon her role as a scholar with joint appointment in the Comparative Literature and East Asians Studies departments and how Princeton is experimenting beyond classical fields of academia to break ground in non-traditional topics of study. The content of her presentation was fresh and well received by the audience. Representatives from the Alumni Association gave a tribute to the incoming class and offered their words of wisdom. Our Center provided food and refreshments for the social afterwards, allowing our guests and speaker to mingle and network.

This was our first formal event held in cooperation with the Alumni Association, we hope to continue our partnership in the future in order to enhance the sense of community between Princeton affiliates in Beijing and to promote Princeton’s presence in China.

Date: Friday, July 10th, 2015

Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm

Location: Princeton China Center

Organizers: Princeton China Center, Princeton Alumni Association of Beijing

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