International Institutional Payments

When should we hire someone overseas using an institutional payment?

If a potential hire overseas is affiliated with an institution, the institutional payment method is the default method of payment and should be used whenever possible.

Hiring and paying through an institutional payment takes a minimal processing time.  The host institution’s benefits billing rates apply and will be added to the salary costs.

What information is needed from departments to start the hiring process? 

Country of hire Country of Individual Appointment length with start and end dates
Job descriptions with detailed responsibilities Updated CV Appointment Form (if a DoF appointment)
Completed Institutional Payment Form Potential salary and benefits, such as health and other insurances, accommodation, travel expenses, etc.  


Departments compile all the above information and send it to Kristy Holmes, who will coordinate with the Office of the Dean of the Faculty (DoF) for approval, if a DoF appointment is needed. 


Unlike PEOs and Independent Contractors, payments to institutions do not require Purchase Requisitions. Instead, a non-PO payment request should be completed.

  • Information required for the payment:
For check: name and address of payee OR for wire transfer: account name, account number, bank name, bank address, and ABA/SWIFT code
Account number, project/grant number, and fund number
  • A copy of the signed offer letter

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