The goal of establishing partnerships with other institutions is to encourage and support international research and teaching collaborations, undergraduate and graduate exchanges and staff and administrative exchanges.  Princeton has established strategic partnerships with Humboldt University, University of Tokyo, and University of Sao Paolo in Brazil.  In addition, Princeton has created institutional research partnerships with University of Geneva and Sciences Po.  These partnerships are important pillars of Princeton’s internationalization strategy.

While the universities provide administrative and funding support, individual faculty initiatives are the heart of the strategic partnerships. Faculty from Princeton and a partnering institution typically develop a joint project that may include collaborating on research, co-teaching courses, creating new research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students, or establishing faculty and student exchange programs.  These university level partnerships provide resources to build durable ties through faculty-designed collaborations, creating the capacity for faculty and students to enhance and sustain academic cooperation by moving back and forth across national borders with the institutional support of their home and host universities.  See Funding for International Research for details of the joint calls for proposals and the lists of previous awards.