University of São Paulo-Princeton Partnership


Princeton University established a strategic partnership with the University of São Paulo in 2012.  The University of São Paulo-Princeton Strategic Partnership supports departments, programs, and centers seeking resources to sustain on-going transnational research and teaching collaborations.  The University of São Paulo-Princeton Strategic Partnership has co-funded 14 faculty-driven research collaborations in diverse disciplines. 

A joint governing committee comprised of faculty and senior staff from both institutions review project proposals and govern the partnership.  To view Princeton’s representatives on the joint governance committee, click here.

About University of São Paulo:

Founded in 1934, the University of São Paulo is the largest Brazilian public university.  It is the country's most prestigious educational institution and is one of the largest and top institutions of higher education in Latin America, with over 50,000 undergraduate students, and over 35,000 graduate students. Currently, it has eleven campuses, four of them in the city of São Paulo, and the rest in Bauru, Lorena, Piracicaba, Pirassununga, Ribeirão Preto and São Carlos.

USP is Brazil's largest research institution and is renowned in a wide range of research areas, particularly in Architecture, Dentistry, Civil Engineering, Agriculture/Forestry, Art/Design and Veterinary Science, Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineering, Modern Languages, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. USP and the partnership is undoubtedly an important link between Princeton and Brazil, one of the largest and fastest growing economy in the world.