Mpala Research Fund



Princeton University serves as the managing partner for the Mpala Research Centre (MRC), a multidisciplinary field-research station located in Kenya's Laikipia County. The center provides scholars unparalleled opportunities to conduct research on conservation, sustainable human-wildlife co-existence and semi-arid ecosystems in Africa and, increasingly, on climate change, the environment and public health. In addition to the Natural Sciences, the site provides unique opportunities for faculty in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Engineering.

The Mpala Research Fund aims to support faculty members from all disciplines who are interested in exploring or pursuing research opportunities and/or teaching initiatives at Mpala. Faculty with research interests in Anthropology, the Arts, Climate Change, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Economics, the Environment, Geology, History, Journalism, Literature, Politics, Public Health, Public Policy, Sociology, and the Woodrow Wilson School are encouraged to apply. In addition, administrative staff and administrative units of the University involved in or proposing service or experiential learning initiatives are also eligible.


All regular faculty members (senior lecturers, instructors, assistant professors, associate professors, and professors) and research scholars are eligible. Full-time lecturers and language lecturers are also eligible, provided their appointments for the award period have been approved by the Dean of the Faculty.   Administrative staff and administrative units of the University involved in service or experiential learning initiatives are also eligible.

Proposals from all faculty, scholars and relevant administrative units will be considered. However, priority will be given to proposals submitted by faculty, scholars, and others who have not previously used Mpala as a research and teaching site. 

How to Apply

As a first step, please contact the Vice Provost for International Affairs & Operations, Anastasia Vrachnos to indicate interest.


Please direct any questions to Anastasia Vrachnos(, Vice Provost of International Affairs and Operations.