Travel Toolkit


Pandemic Period Travel Guidance

Even in the midst of the current worldwide pandemic, there remains a need for the Princeton community to be connected to the broader world of research and learning opportunities outside of the University campus. At the same time, however, we cannot ignore the great risks and uncertainties of travel during a global pandemic. In traveling, we not only risk our own personal health, but we can also contribute to the spread of disease on our campus or into the communities we visit. Some of these risks can be managed; given rapidly changing global conditions and highly variable government responses, the vast majority cannot be. These guidelines reflect such difficult realities, while allowing for some of the University’s most critical travel requirements to move forward in a measured way.

To address the challenges of travel during the pandemic, as well as our obligations to support local, state, and national disease-tracing efforts, we must also expand our requirements for the registration of travel details to encompass all of our University-sponsored travelers. This will now include not only students, but faculty and staff as well. Under certain circumstances, this extends to personal travel by students living, working, or studying on campus. Cooperation with these new registration requirements is critical to supporting our travelers during these extraordinary times and assisting our communities in controlling the pandemic.




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