Enroll Your Trip

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With the limited exception of faculty, postdocs, and staff traveling domestically, all members of the Princeton University community are required to enroll the details of University Travel in the Enroll My Trip system prior to departure.

This ensures travelers have access to information and resources prior to departure, travel conforms to University policy, and better positioning of University resources in the event of a health, safety, or security incident while traveling.

The University may be limited in its ability to support travel that is not enrolled.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough Instructions

This section contains step-by-step instructions walking you through how to complete your travel registration. 

Have a question? GS&S has addressed many of the common questions related to the Enroll My Trip system and travel registration process. Please review the FAQs to see if your question has been answered before messaging GS&S at globalsafety@princeton.edu

Walkthrough for completing a travel registration for an individual traveler
Walkthrough for completing a travel registration on behalf of another traveler as a delegate
Walkthrough for completing a travel registration for a group trip
Walkthrough for completing a travel registration that's already been started for you by your travel organizer

Guest Travel Enrollment & Support

All University Travel is subject to the requirements of the GS&S Travel Policy, including University Travel involving external guest travelers (who are invited on behalf of Princeton and for less than 30 days). 

External guests of the University undertaking international University Travel are be eligible for certain University-provided resources (such as health, safety, and security assistance services) but GS&S must capture certain information to validate their eligibility prior to their trip commencing.

Programs or departments sponsoring international University Travel involving external guests should ask their guest complete the Guest Travel Enrollment form (accessible via links above and below). We encourage program or departments sponsoring such travel to internally coordinate the completion and submission of the form with their guest.  

Please note that domestic travel, including foreign domestic travel (travel within a domiciled destination outside of the United States) is not eligible for these services and does not require any guest enrollment or form completion.

Guest Travel Enrollment Steps:

  • Travel is booked for the external guest and the department/program informs the traveler of the Guest Travel Enrollment process. External guests can review the information on this page and will also receive a Pre-Trip Advisory email from International SOS, which will contain Guest Enrollment process information.
  • External guest completes the Guest Travel Enrollment for University Travel.
  • External guest (or department/program contact) submits the completed form to globalsafety@princeton.edu.  
  • GS&S validates and sends confirmation of receipt once processed.

That's it! Your external guest is enrolled and now eligible for International SOS services and emergency international health coverage.