Journey Preparation

A Peruvian mountainside

No matter the destination, the University offers resources to support students, faculty and staff in successfully engaging with the world beyond Princeton's campus. As you plan your travel or programming, explore these resources and guidance on how to accomplish your goal effectively, safely and in compliance with University requirements.

These checklists are designed to help you walk through some of the logistical steps necessary to plan for your trip. They are planning aids only, and you should refer to the specific policies mentioned in the checklists to be certain you understand your responsibilities. The University's specific COVID-19 policies should also be consulted. 

The Office of Finance and Treasury's Travel Program has a dedicated team of travel experts who can assist with reservations and other travel arrangements, as well as access for travelers the University’s negotiated rates and complimentary amenities. The Travel Program can also assist with group travel arrangements domestically and abroad.

University-sponsored travel by faculty and staff should be made through the Concur Travel online booking tool or by contacting the University's travel management company, World Travel

Students may also make use of these booking resources and are encouraged to do so whenever possible.

For bespoke pre-travel training, please contact the Global Safety & Security Office.

University Health Services offers robust travel-health programs, including individualized pre-travel consultations, immunizations, and other planning support. For more information, visit the UHS travel health site.

The University provides international health coverage to all students with a current passport or student visa who are temporarily traveling or residing outside of their home country of regular residence, as part of a University activity, program, research, or other sponsored travel. Registration of your travel in the Enroll My Trip tool is necessary to ensure coverage in the event of an emergency.

Coverage is provided by Starr in conjunction with International SOS. The University International SOS membership card may be used to prove coverage, provided you have registered your travel in Enroll My Trip. In the event that you are asked to provide further or other evidence of coverage (e.g., in support of a visa application), please contact Risk Management -