‘Amazonian Leapfrogging’ conference is bringing top thinkers to campus to focus on climate and social inequality

Pooja Makhijani, Princeton Institute for International and Regional Stuides
A black and white photograph of a young person navigating a small boat down the Solimões River in the Brazilian Amazon. The person has a snake wrapped around their neck. Ribeirinho, Solimões River, Brazilian Amazon, 2011. A nature-based, interdisciplinary approach that takes into account economic, environmental, political and historical considerations is the focus of this year’s conference. Photo by Araquém Alcantara.

Top thinkers and stakeholders from Brazil will visit the Princeton campus May 5-6 to discuss with the University community the critical environmental and climate justice issues facing the Brazilian Amazon and its Indigenous peoples.

Hosted by the Princeton Brazil LAB, the conference, “Amazonian Leapfrogging: Tackling the Climate Crisis and Social Inequality with Nature-based Solutions,” will bring together students, researchers, scholars, policymakers and health officials to examine nature-based solutions that foster environmental conservation and socioeconomic development of the Brazilian Amazon.

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