Funding for International Research

Funding Opportunities

The University provides a number of programs and funding opportunities to faculty for activities that seek to connect Princeton with scholars and institutions abroad. Below are the programs and funding to which faculty members can apply. These funds vary widely in their particulars such as typical sizes of allocations, proposal requirements and deadlines, selection criteria and processes, durations, etc.  These funds are administered by the Vice Provost for International Affairs and Operations in partnership with the Council for International Teaching and Research and faculty governance committees.

In addition, the Humanities Council offers collaborative humanities grants to enable faculty to create intellectual communities that will broaden the scope of their activities.  The Council offers grants to faculty interested in launching multi-year, multi-partner collaborative networks to propose preliminary events–conferences, planning meetings, and gatherings at Princeton. More information can be found on the Humanities Council website.

Graduate and undergraduate students may find information about and apply to campus funding opportunities for research, conferences, internships and study abroad in the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE).


2018-19 Calls for Proposals 


Strategic Partnership Calls  

2018-19 University of Tokyo-Princeton Strategic Partnership Grants (due 1/22/18)

2018-19 Humboldt University-Princeton Strategic Partnership Grants (due 3/15/18)  

**NEW** Mpala Research Fund (due 2/1/18)


Research Partnership Calls

2018-19 University of Geneva-Princeton Collaborative Research grants (due 2/1/18)

2017-18 Sciences Po-Princeton Collaborative Research grants (due 2/1/18)


Other Calls for Proposals

2018-19 Global Collaborative Network Grants (GCN) (due 1/15/18)
Global Collaborative Network Grants facilitate Princeton-based scholars’ efforts to design and to participate in global networks by offering resources for the creation and expansion of international collaborations. Click here for details.

2018-19 Global Scholars (due 1/15/18)
The Global Scholars program supports Princeton departments, programs, schools, and centers that wish to invite leading scholars from outside the United States for multi-year visiting appointments.  Click here for details on the program.

2018-19 International Fund (IF) (due 12/15/17)
The International Fund (IF) enables faculty members to pursue innovative ideas that enhance the international scope of the University’s research and teaching mission.  This fund is intended to address new opportunities that are not well served by existing external or internal funding sources.  Click here for details.

2018-19 Learning Across Borders (LABs) (12/15/17)
Through the generosity of Banco Santander, the Learning Across Borders (LABs) program supports faculty-led programs of short duration (1-2 weeks) that allow faculty members to share their scholarship with students in an international context and connect to curricular themes outside of the traditional classroom.  Click here for details.