Travel Safety Toolkit

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The health, safety, and security of our travelers is of the utmost importance to the University. 

That's why GS&S has created the following Travel Safety Toolkit to help you understand travel safety best practices, make informed decisions about your health and safety, and learn what resources are available to you while on University Travel. 

GS&S has created a variety travel safety resources for University travelers.

These informational resources are useful in your pre-travel preparation. Be sure to check back periodically for updates and new resources.

GS&S has curated a library of general travel safety and security information and advice on a variety of topics that are non-destination specific. 

Click here to read more on these topics:

  • Government Guidance on Travel Safety & Security
  • Identities & Safety Abroad
  • Transportation & Infrastructure Safety
  • IT Security

For destination specific resources, please see below. 

Remember, GS&S is here to help. If Princeton travelers ever have any safety or security related questions, including those specific to your identity, planned activities, or destination, please contact GS&S at to schedule a tailored risk consultation with a member of the GS&S team.

It is critically important that Princeton travelers are informed of the variety of risks they may encounter while on international University Travel. 

On the Destination Risks page, travelers will find Princeton's destination risk categories for countries worldwide, a list of the latest Category X destinations, and Destination Risk Reports for Princeton’s most popular travel destinations. 

GS&S would like to further highlight destination specific safety and security resources from the U.S. government and other governments. 

From the U.S. Government

From Other Governments

Remember, GS&S is here to help. If Princeton travelers ever have any safety or security related questions, including those specific to your identity, planned activities, or destination, please contact GS&S at to schedule a tailored risk consultation with a member of the GS&S team.

University Health Services (UHS) provides travel health services to Princeton travelers planning travel overseas.

  • UHS maintains a wealth of travel health information and advice for University travelers.
  • UHS (for students) and Occupational Health Services (OHS, for faculty and staff) provide a wide range of travel health services, including consultations, vaccinations, prescription planning, and continuity of care planning. Remember to plan early. Ideally, you should obtain travel health advice 4-6 weeks prior to departure, as some immunizations require additional time and more than one visit may be necessary some immunizations.

Princeton University is committed to the wellbeing of our students, faculty, researchers, staff, and invited guests traveling on behalf of the University. 

To keep you safe, healthy, and informed while you are on University Travel, Princeton automatically provides international insurance by STARR Insurance and services by International SOS, the world’s leading international medical and travel security assistance company when you register your trip in the Enroll My Trip system. 

International SOS

Whether minor or serious, International SOS (ISOS) is available to help you 24/7 during and after a medical, mental health, or security incident abroad. International SOS provides special knowledge and assistance regarding security, medical or personal issues such as lost passport or prescriptions. Whether you have questions about the information on this advisory, become seriously ill abroad, or need assistance due to a lost or stolen wallet, call an ISOS 24-hour assistance center to speak with a doctor, security specialist or coordinator. For more information about International SOS member services and when to use International SOS, please refer contact GS&S at

Note that International SOS services are only available for eligible Princeton travelers on international University Travel. Although registered domestic travelers may receive automatic messaging from International SOS about situations within the United States or domiciled country, no domestic services are available from International SOS.

Pre-Trip Advisory Email
In partnership with Princeton GS&S, International SOS proactively emails Princeton travelers a pre-trip advisory message which contains important security and medical information relevant to your destination(s). Additionally, the advisory contains instructions on how to download the International SOS assistance app (enter Princeton’s member ID 11BSGC000022), as well as etiquette, cultural information, and other country-specific practicalities to assist you during your trip.

Emergency Support
Should there be a major incident while traveling, please note that International SOS will proactively reach out to you (on behalf of Princeton GS&S) via the contact information provided in your Princeton trip enrollment to confirm you are safe and ask if you need assistance. If you receive an email, SMS message, or ISOS assistance app push notification asking you to confirm your safety and check in, we ask that you please respond as soon as possible.

If you need medical or security assistance within the United States, you should call 9-1-1.

STARR Insurance

Health insurance coverage is provided by Starr in conjunction with International SOS. There is NO separate enrollment required and there is NO separate ID card.

So long as your complete your travel registration in the Enroll My Trip System, you are automatically enrolled. Please note that if you do not register your trip and attempt to contact International SOS for assistance, you may experience a delay as International SOS will contact GS&S to verify the Princeton traveler is in fact on University Travel and coverage can be verified.

Proof of Insurance
Sometimes travelers are asked to provide evidence of overseas health insurance coverage when applying for a foreign visa or when traveling to certain countries with insurance documentation requirements. In such cases, please contact Missy McGinn, Assistant Vice President Risk Management, at or for assistance.

International SOS & STARR Insurance Resources

Explore Princeton’s International SOS membership portal for health, safety, security information and advice for every country in the world(log in required; enter Princeton’s member ID 11BSGC000022).

University Travel may be subject to other University approvals and policies in addition to the GS&S Travel Policy

In advance of departure, Princeton travelers are advised to review the Other University Approvals and Other University Policies sections of the GS&S Travel Policy, obtain any necessary approvals, and ensure compliance.

GS&S supports routine issues and emergencies that occur on University Travel. 

For more information on emergency support, dedicated resources, and contacts, please visit the Emergencies page.